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TIMELESS Bali is a limited edition magazine by NOW! Bali which focuses on the elements of Bali that are considered to be ‘timeless’. The history, culture and nature of the island have been carefully preserved in stories and photographs so that every reader can discover, appreciate and learn more about the Island of the Gods.

About Timeless Bali
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The series began in 2021, during the pandemic, as a way to share and highlight the distinct identity of the island through in-depth stories. The publication centres on the belief that ‘the more one understands Bali, the more one truly values and appreciates what they see around them’. This is with the ultimate hope that readers will foster a deeper passion to preserve the culture, or indeed spark a curiosity to immerse themselves further into what Bali alone has to offer the world.

There are now three volumes of TIMELESS Bali available, each one sharing a unique variety of articles that share the wealth and beauty of the island. In every volume, you will read travel stories with meaning, local myths and legends, and in-depth explanations of complex cultural phenomenons. It is ‘real Bali’ printed onto the page, and is a great companion to any Bali lover, a great display for Bali homes, villas and businesses.


Every page is home to a story that must be read, photographs that inspire, and thus a magazine to be kept and cherished for years to come. The content matches this mission, with articles that will last forever: stories on Bali’s past, present and future; stories on the seen and unseen; stories on places and people.

“Why have we made this publication? Honestly, it’s a labour of love,” shares Publisher Alistair Speirs. “We want to portray the eternal aspects of Bali in a way that the world will appreciate, and as people understand these aspects and grow to love them they will start to respect them and hopefully strive to protect and preserve them, and as they preserve them they may want to teach others about them and encourage them to do the same.”

What will you find in TIMELESS Bali? This publication is comprised of purely non-commercial editorial. Chapters include:

Perspectives, insightful opinion pieces commenting on the state of Bali.
Made in Bali, an exposé on Bali’s local artisans or craftspeople.
Island Explorations, an in-depth destination guide, inclusive of the historical and cultural significance of each destination featured.
Temple Legends, interesting, lesser-known tales of Bali’s many temples.
• Cultural Observer, in-depth and long-form pieces explaining a chosen topic on Balinese culture and society.
Timeless Bali, explaining the typical, everyday elements of Balinese Hindu culture. Commonly seen, rarely understood.
Believe It or Not, sharing myths and folklore from Bali’s ‘unseen’ world.

Over three volume, the publication has been blessed with the insight of expert contributors, including: Jean Couteau, Richard Horstman, Susan Ruddy, Suriawati Qiu, Yuda Bantono, Dwi Ermayanthi; as well as fabulous photography and illustrations by IB Putra Adnyana and I Nyoman Darta. If you love Bali, you will love TIMELESS Bali.

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Specifications: A4-Dimensions, semi-hard cover, 120 pages.
Price: IDR 150.000, not including delivery
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– Indonesia (other) – IDR 40.000 delivery (per copy)
– Outside Indonesia – TBC, please contact us with your location
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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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