As a champion of animal education and conservation, Bali Safari is one of the most popular destinations in Bali, especially when it comes to families seeking a fun and educational experience for their littles ones. At Bali Safari, guests can enjoy an immersive day out exploring the park and get an up-close look at over a thousand animals from Africa, India and Indonesia. Moreover, the park recently welcomed several newborn animals in the sanctuary.

Bali Safari

Comfortably nestled in the Gianyar Regency on the way to East Bali, Bali Safari, which is part of the larger Taman Safari Indonesia Group, has been at the forefront of animal education and conservation through its innovative programmes. Bali Safari is a sanctuary to more than 1000 animals over 100 selected exotic and endemic species from Africa, India and Indonesia including Elephants, Tigers, Spotted Hyenas, Komodo Dragons, Orangutans, Bali Starling birds, and so much more.

Here, guests can journey through a full-day safari experience that’s not only fun and educational for their little ones, but something that adults can enjoy as well. First off, the expansive park offers guests two options to explore the Safari Journey: the Safari tram with a larger group or the 4×4 jeep for a more private experience. As you go through the park’s vast routes, discover a myriad of animals through the open zone exhibits native to the different regions.

Once guests have reached the end of their safari tour, they can enjoy the rest of the park’s offerings including a series of educational presentations including the Animal Show, Tiger Show and Elephant Show. Through these educational programmes, Bali Safari aims to raise awareness about the dangers that these endangered animals are facing. The park hopes that guests will gain a deeper understanding of the beautiful animals and their natural habitats.

Bali Safari invites guests to welcome 2022 with the spirit of adventure through their new campaign dubbed the “Safari Adventures”, a concept that emphasizes the exciting adventures of the safari to fill in the blank pages of your new year with colourful experiences.

Welcoming New Members to the Family

Bali Safari Newborn Hyena

As an organisation that is passionate and dedicated to the wellbeing and preservation of nature and wildlife, Bali Safari proudly welcomed the wonderful addition of newborn animals to the park in late 2021. The latest members of the Bali Safari family include two male Striped Hyenas (29/10), a female Pygmy Hippo (21/11), and a Zebra Chapman (22/11).

These newborns and their mothers are under the supervision and care of the park’s expert veterinarians and keepers, which are continuously monitored to guarantee they all remain healthy and stable. The birth of these newborns is proof and testament to Bali Safari’s commitment and contribution to the conservation of endangered wildlife. The park will continue its mission to preserve and protect nature and wildlife through education and conservation programmes.

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