If you share the same sentiment as the rest of the world – i.e. that 2020 was a tough year – then its important to start 2021 feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

As a hub for spa, health and wellness, Bali is the perfect place to prepare yourself for a brand new decade. With these 4 wellness experiences found around the island, we share some great ways for you to press the ‘reset’ and go into the year ahead feeling refreshed and positive. 

A Sacred Nap

Hosted in the the Four Seasons at Sayan’s iconic bamboo Dharma Shanti Bale, over looking rice fields and the Ayung River, the Sacred Nap is a signature experience by Resident Wellness Mentor, Ibu Fera. 

As a former Buddhist nun, Ibu Fera shares techniques to approach mindful living. The Sacred Nap is the ultimate rest; it has you suspended from the ceiling of the bale in an aerial silk hammock, rocking you gently to sleep in this womb-like cocoon. Allow yourself to nod off while listening to the sounds of nature and the life story of Buddha as told by Ibu Fera. 

Ibu Fera also conducts Life Talks paired with meditation classes. These are available for non-resident guests. More information. 

Disconnect the Mind 

One of the most up and coming wellness practices today is floatation; this involves entering a tank, submerging yourself in Epsom Salt water and letting your body float effortlessly, similar to the Dead Sea.

The aim of the tank is to restrict environmental stimulation, such as light, sound and tactile sensation. Creating a disconnect of the mind, the thoughts and ideas, from the physical frame, the body. This allows the mind to achieve meditative states of relaxation and introspect.

Float tanks have been deemed as the ultimate meditation tool. Not only is it therapeutic for the mind though, the effortless floating decompresses the whole body allowing it to fully relax and rejuvenate – it does wonders for those looking to treat sleep disorders or are dealing with high stress environments on a regular basis. 

Terapung Float Club in Seminyak is Bali’s first premier floatation centre, a four-storey sanctuary with six private float rooms featuring open top tubs. More Information. 

The Sound of Silence

Make a total break from all distractions of modern life at one of Bali’s silent retreats. As the name suggests, these are destinations where silence is sought after – no one may speak, and in some cases no reading or writing are permitted. 

One such experience is found at Bali Silent Reatreat, a place that embraces a strict no-talk policy, inviting those who need a true breakaway from the everyday by offering a space of silence (minus the ambient sounds of nature, of course). The retreat, surrounded by rice fields and jungle, offers meditation, yoga asanas, prayer, restful contemplation, all done in complete silence.

There is no Wi-Fi at the retreat, allowing you a digital detox. Instead, you can explore the labyrinth-walking-meditation, holy water meditation, medicine herb garden, star-gaze in a hammock, and other ‘alone time’ activities.

Bali Silent Retreat is open for day passes (6am-6pm) and also accepts residences in their dormitories, single rooms and bungalows. More information. 

Balinese Cleansing Ritual

According to Fred Eiseman Jr, (Bali Sekala and Niskala) “holy water is an agent of the power of a god, a power of mysterious force. It can cleanse spiritual impurities, fend off evil forces, and render the recipient immune to the attacks of negative or demonic forces.” It strengthens and purifies everything it touches.

Melukat is just one of Bali’s magical rituals which involves using water as a ritual cleanser. The aim is to cleanse both body and mind, to refresh the spirit and dissolve away any negative influences. 

It is also believed to cure non medical diseases and sickness of the spirit and whether it does or not, a session bathing in holy waters will certainly make you feel good.

The most famous of these is Holy Water Temples is at Tirtha Empul (Tampak Siring), Puri Sebatu, Tirta Sudamala and more. More information.



This article has been written or uploaded by NOW! Bali's in-house editorial team.