On the Search for Bali’s Quiet Beaches

Some destinations are worth the journey, especially if you enjoy long drives and even longer walks on the beach. These glorious seaside spots offer a quieter disposition to their celeb-status counterparts but still nurture a vibrant atmosphere to soak up the sun, surf, or even paraglide! The only catch is finding them, but that’s also

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Bali Biggest Clean Up Sanur

Say Bye Bye to Plastic Bags : A Bali-Born Initiative

It doesn’t take much to see that this island is drowning in plastic, and that there is no escaping from this reality. Who is going to do something about it? Sometimes we forget that it only takes one person to create change. Instead of pointing fingers, asking people to change the world, why not look

Hilton Bali Resort Relaunches The Shore Restaurant

Following an extensive interior uplift of the three-storey beachfront restaurant, Hilton Bali Resort has just announced the official relaunch of The Shore Restaurant. The new interior design reflects natural elements and earthy tones from wood, greenery and terracotta that harmonise with contemporary furnishings. Located on the resort’s beach and poolside, accessible via Cliff Tower, this

Black Sand Rejuvenation at Royal Purnama

For centuries, Balinese people have utilised the black volcanic beach sand heated by the sun and mineralised by the ocean as a healing remedy. In order to honour the ancient remedies, Royal Purnama introduces Black Sand Full Body Rejuvenation to indulge guests with an intuitive touch and curative signature therapies equal with the mystery and

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Stunning Looks For A Stunning Summer

Comfort should never compromise style, especially during your Bali summer getaways. From the chic look that effortlessly transforms from sandy beach to beachside restaurants for the ladies, to the relaxed, summer looks for the gentlemen that are sure to impress, here’s our stylish picks that will have you looking fab while you soak up the

Riding The Waves of Bali

The combination of consistent water temperature, weather and sea swells throughout the year makes surfers from all over the world consider Bali as the holy spot of surfing. Since the 70’s, after Bali was discovered by trailblazing surfers, surfing has gained popularity with bigger reach each year and grown into an institution. It is easy

The Gems of Riau

The Riau Islands is home to what is decidedly one of Indonesia’s favoured destinations – Batam and Bintan. Bridging the heart of Singapore with the lush scenery of Indonesia, the islands have seen growth in both business and tourism. The main islands are Batam, Rempang, Galang, Bintan, Bintan, Kundur, and Karimun. Batam and Bintan are among

Protecting Paradise: Bali’s Environmental Heroes

This island we are living on is full of beautiful discoveries, yet it seems we don’t appreciate it. However, the natural beauty that we love so much is also vulnerable due the island’s poor waste management practices. It is easy to find water ducts clogged with plastic waste throughout the island. Because of poor waste management strategies,

Belitung: Beaches, Boulders and Books

Belitung Island emerges gracefully from the Java Sea inviting exploration. It does not disappoint. It is unquestionably a place of extraordinary and untouched beauty. The beaches, with their chalky white sand, are some of the most exquisite in South East Asia. Granite boulders rise out of the sea like giant megaliths. My exploration started with

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The Magic of the Beach: What Does The Beach Mean to You?

There is so much magic associated with beaches. Almost everything in life is able to be dramatised and magnified by those magnificent links between land and sea. Our childhood memories are full of sandcastles and playing in the waves with our parents, the picnics and the beach games, the kites and the buckets and spades.

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Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa Opens Above the Cliffs

#RYouReadyToPlay The wait is over. There is a cool, new lifestyle resort & spa in Bali for people who crave unexpected experiences. Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa is now open!  Perched on the hilltop overlooking the Indian Ocean and Bali’s magical coastline, the resort is located on the Bukit- a large limestone peninsula in

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