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Visitors of Taman Safari Bali can experience the recreation park’s latest addition with the unveiling of Varuna, the first underwater theatrical show and restaurant in Bali, Indonesia. The new attraction presents visitors with a unique dining experience whilst marvelling at a world-class theatrical performance. The launch of Varuna is the first step in the park’s development plans for The Exciting Marine Safari Bali, set to open in 2024.

Located within the expansive 50-hectare park, Varuna aims to showcase the stunning beauty of Bali’s underwater world to both domestic and international visitors through a multi-sensorial experience that combines exquisite dining with a one-of-a-kind underwater show in Bali. Varuna’s theatrical narrative is conveyed through a spellbinding combination of paper animation, wayang kulit (shadow puppetry), and magical performances, curated by technical advisor, Peter Wilson.

Varuna incorporates sustainability and marine life conservation efforts into its performances, done through technology and displays that always prioritise the well-being and preservation of wildlife. Varuna presents visitors with unforgettable experiences, boasting top-tier attractions that combine underwater shows with mermaids and theatrical performances imbued with local wisdom.

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On top of the one-of-a-kind experience, Varuna also merges Balinese culture through partnerships with international and local artists, showcasing authentic cultural elements into the performance and crafting a dynamic fusion of traditional Balinese art with contemporary theatre experience to enrich the overall immersive underwater adventure.

Envisioned to set a benchmark for outstanding performances in Indonesia, the introduction of Varuna is expected to be an exciting kick-off before the opening of The Exciting Marine Safari Bali in 2024. The highly-anticipated international underwater tourism complex will not only serve as a captivating tourist attraction but a marine life education centre as well.

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