Will this be the scariest Nyepi Day in history?

This March 2016 we will see a coinciding of two special events that together make for one very interesting day. This 9 March 2016, both Nyepi (Bali’s holy day of silence) and a total solar eclipse that will cover Indonesia in darkness could just make this the eeriest Nyepi Bali has ever experienced. A total

Republik 45 To Host Indonesian Night Market!

Known for their respect for traditional flavours and recipe, the restaurant and entertainment hotspot Republik 45 are taking a step further into their Indonesian patriotism by hosting a brand new event called “Pasar Malam” on Saturday, 27 February 2016. Pasar Malam – meaning ‘night market’ in Indonesian -will see the Republik venue transformed into the

Four Points Bali’s March Special Events

March is an exciting month here in Bali, and Four Points are making sure that residents and tourists alike have plenty to do. From Nyepi to St.Patricks Day, Earth Hour and Easter there’s a little bit of something for everyone at this new hotspot that is taking Kuta by storm.   Nyepi in Four Points

Bali Hosts ‘Coworking Indonesia’

Bali is not only a holiday destination, it has flourished into a central meeting place for ‘digital-nomads’, creative’s and young entrepreneurs. Of course, Bali’s environment pulls in those able to work remotely, as the beaches and rice paddies make for beautiful backdrops to laptop screens that lay on laps. However in reality, this community has

Disturbing Facts

Way back in the nineteenth century an English philosopher called John Stuart Mill wrote an essay called “On Liberty”. This defined the individuals drive for self improvement, their desire to “better their station” in life, as the sole source of true freedom. But he qualified this by saying that these efforts must not impede the

Beautiful Balinese Style Weddings

There’s no doubt that Bali is a very romantic destination. Hundreds, if not thousands, from around the world have chosen Bali for their wedding ceremonies. The paradise island, with its lovely beaches, swaying palms, rice terraces, temples, and highly spiritual atmosphere, indeed evokes a powerful ambiance of romance. And if you plan to tie the

The Animal Show at Bali Safari and Marine Park

A day out in Bali can be so much more enriching than you’d expect; whether it’s a cycling tour that exposes you to the local flora and fauna of Bali, or perhaps a visit to a museum that opens your eyes to exotic Balinese rituals. Often there is more than meets the eye, and a

Cycling Kintamani

This cycling tour in Kintamani will do more than just take you on a ‘pass-by trip’ through Balinese nature. You will learn and discover, and you will delve deep into the very lives of the Balinese people and their culture. Although it’s officially called a ‘cycling tour’, it would be best described as a journey

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