Crowned as Indonesia’s ‘Bartender of the Year’ in the Diageo World Class semi-finals and bar show 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand, Ayip Dzuhri is the head mixologist at Alila Seminyak; so those in search of post-office-hour evening caps, or just afternoon cooling cocktails at Seasalt are definitely in for a treat! 

Ayip Dzuhri may seem quiet and introverted at first glance, but behind the bar, you’ll see him come to life.He is passionate about formulating drinks and witnessing people’s emotions on their first sip. His personal mission is to introduce Indonesian herbs and spices into the international cocktail scene and to raise the awareness that Indonesia has its own signature drinks.

Ayip Dzuhri Mixologist Bali Alila Seminyak Seasalt Restaurant 2

At the resort’s Seasalt restaurant, Ayip dives into the next wave of mixed drinks – sustainable, zero-waste cocktails – that can save time, money and resources while also contributing in small part to saving the planet from added waste. The selection, called the Ocean Inspired Cocktails, sources its ingredients carefully by reusing, fermenting, recycling and upcycling ingredients that would otherwise be discarded as trash. Think leftover fruit juices, fruit rinds and fruit seeds saved from the scrap heap and instead embellish and enliven their ocean-inspired, craft cocktail creations, such as the Samudra.

Ayip Dzuhri Mixologist Bali Alila Seminyak Seasalt Restaurant 2

Ayip Dzuhri’s Samudra


Gordon gin 30ml

Coconut liquor 20ml

Blue curacao 10ml

Fresh lime juice 10ml

Elderflower syrup 5ml

Cucumber 4 slices


  • Shake and muddle
Ayip Dzuhri Mixologist Bali Alila Seminyak Seasalt Restaurant 2

Seasalt Seminyak
at Alila Seminyak, Jl. Taman Ganesha no. 9, Petitenget

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