A guy who knows his way around any bar; Yudi Hendarsyah ‘s international experiences have landed him key positions in some of the world’s most renowned hospitality brands such as the W in Bali and Maldives as well as the Four Seasons in Riyadh.

Starting out in the food and beverage industry, Yudi Hendarsyah became intrigued by mixology during his stint at the pre-opening of W Bali in 2010. And along with the brand, came WooBar, the resort’s signature bar, a famed W venue whose Bali opening and conceptualising was done by Joseph Borowski, a celebrated international mixologist, among others. It was from the likes of Borowski and other acclaimed mixologists from around the world who made their way to W Bali that Yudi ‘absorbed’ the knowledge of mastering the art of crafting unique cocktails. In fact, Yudi took Arey Barker under his care before relocating overseas.

Yudi Hendarsyah Ju-Ma-Na Bali Mixologist Smoke and Fog

Currently Yudi is the assistant director of food and beverage at the luxury resort Banyan Tree Ungasan, where he introduced the art of mixology to the resort’s high-end clientele. Clear changes have been made to the beverage menu at the Banyan Tree Ungasan’s fine dining restaurant, Ju-Ma-Na, where Yudi has added a unique cocktail concept that is designed to go in harmony with the restaurant’s haute cuisine. Among the tantalising creations here is the Smoke and Fog, a cocktail that complement the carefully prepared dishes at Ju-Ma-Na.

Yudi Hendarsyah’s Smoke & Fog


  • Maple juice 20ml
  • Dried vermouth 5ml
  • Martini Rosso 5ml
  • Bacon washed bourbon 50ml
  • Orange bitter 2 dashes
  • Dried orange wheel
  • Crispy bacon


  • Stir
Yudi Hendarsyah Ju-Ma-Na Bali Mixologist Smoke and Fog
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